Art. Chaos. Freckles.


I was born in Virgina, grew up in Upstate New York, traveled across the United States to Utah, to follow my dream of becoming a graphic designer. When I tell people that, they say that was a bold move, to take a chance like that, but to me its who I am. I don’t claim to have all the answers in life but there was no hesitation in my choice. That was the first choice I made at being a grown-up. (Which is hard to be)

I really love my life. I have a house with a backyard, a husband who is so sweet to me and a hyper border-collie/german short mix dog who keeps me running. I love all aspects of art, from reading about the greats to expressing myself in a watercolor drawing. I love the colors orange, purple, and teal and my favorite patterning at the moment is a floral mix.

This blog is to show people my love of crafting with a spot called the Art Crew, my passion for photography in the Photo a day spot, and Sketchbook, is a fun way to express myself in this virtual world we now live in. (P.S I love technology but my Xbox connect scares me, it moves. No Joke)

I’m Arvilla Mae Morett. I’m an artist and I carry my dreams and imagination in a Little Green Trunk!


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